5 self-care tips to implement this weekend

It’s fair to say self-care has become a buzzword this year, but taking care of both your body and your mind is so greatly needed in this fast paced, often overwhelming, day and age. The weekend provides time away from the daily grind to really look after yourself, even if it’s just for an hour on a Sunday morning while the rest of the house sleeps.

Here are our top 5 self-care tips to implement this weekend.


OK, so we’re not talking about a deep clean here – if that’s your thing, then grab those marigolds – but we are talking about decluttering. A cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind, so take some time to tackle a room, a cupboard or even just your inbox - and be ruthless. Throw away anything you haven’t used or worn in a year. Delete that junk email. You’ll instantly feel better.


One of our favourites things to do here at Lazy Flora HQ is to journal. Whether that be a to-do list to clear your mind about the week ahead (writing before bed is an amazing way to sleep better), or just jotting down how you feel, what you’re grateful for or what you’d change about the day, journaling is a great tool for self-care. Plus, it gives you the perfect opportunity to buy a brand-new notebook and pen. Who doesn’t love that fresh notepad feeling?


Weekends are an ideal time to get out of the house and take in some fresh air. Even a 30-minute walk in the open can do wonders for your mental health. Self-care doesn’t need to cost money either – you only have to turn on the internet to find some fantastic Yoga demonstrations which you can do in the comfort of your own home, minus the monthly gym membership. One of our favourite channels is Yoga with Adriene, which you can check out here.


Podcasts can be the perfect way to unwind and whatever mood you find yourself in, whether that be in search of inspiration, or looking for a giggle, there’s a podcast for everyone. One of our favourite podcasts to listen to is Jenna Kutcher, life coach and boss babe. The Goal Digger not only covers inspirational stories of women in business, but also touches on subjects such as body image, motherhood, infertility and the trials and tribulations of making money.


OK, so perhaps we’re slightly biased, but there really isn’t anything better than spending time on a weekend in your garden or on your balcony, tending to plants and growing your own produce. It’s a well-known fact that plants are a short-term reliever of stress and anxiety. Gardening doesn’t have to be a timely task either. With our outdoor plant subscriptions, we deliver the plants directly to your door, with each package containing gloves and care instructions. All you need to provide is some love and a watering can. Find out more here.

How do you look after yourself? Do you have a self-care tip you can share? Leave a comment below as we’d love to hear.

5 self-care tips to implement this weekend

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