A new look Lazy Flora

Yes, it isn't your imagination. Lazy Flora looks different. We're delighted to welcome you to our brand new, super shiny and fresh-out-of-the-design-studio website.

We're thrilled that you're here and hope that you'll stay and take a little look around. Some things we're especially pleased with:

  • We've added a beautiful plant pot selector to our indoor plant shop, which displays for you several plant pot options that perfectly fit the plant you're looking at. (Trust us, this was worth every bit of effort be put into it!)
  • We've added lots more useful plant information to all of our plant pages, and some adorable new icons too, so you can see at-a-glance what kind of a plant you're looking at, and so that this becomes more like an online plant care encyclopedia, rather than just being a place to buy plants. Here are some examples: African Violet, Pinstripe Calathea. 
  • Our new subscriptions journey is much easier to navigate. It's now so much easier to customize your plant subscriptions, including to convert your subscription to a pre-pay or gift subscription.
  • We've improved our date picker calendars.
  • You should find navigating the site more intuitive and obvious.

We've made the decision to temporarily remove our edible plant subscriptions from the site. They will be back very soon, don't worry! (All existing subscriptions are unaffected by this change.)

Like anything that is new to this world, we don't expect to get everything right first time. We know there will be a scattering of broken links and a few weirdly-formatted pages knocking around. There is a lot of activity behind the scenes right now to identify and fix anything like this, so if you do notice anything strange, we'd be really grateful if you'd let us know.

For me, I've always known what Lazy Flora could be, and I think that, with this new website, you're starting to see more evidence of the beautiful, customer-centric thinking that this business has always had. At last, our website is starting to reflect the beauty of the brand my team and I knew it has always had.

We're so very proud of our new home and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Claire and the Lazy Flora team.

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