Why plants beat cut flowers on Valentine's Day

Ladies and Gents, it's that time of year again. Love it or hate it, Valentine's is nearly upon us.

Whether you celebrate Valentine's with a significant other, or Galentine's with your girlfriends (or the guy equivalent), if you haven't already started thinking about what to get for your nearest and dearest this Valentine's Day, now's the time to do it!

Lucky for you, I've put some time and thought into this for you, and have come up with a some beautiful options for indoor and outdoor plants that are ideal to celebrate this time of year.

Very often, people send cut flowers as a last resort, or because it's traditional. Here are a few reasons why I think plants beat cut flowers any day.

1. Forethought shows how much you care

Lazy Flora plant collection

Avoid giving the stereotypical gift of cut flowers, and show a little imagination in your Valentine's Day gift this year.

I know you're busy, your other half knows your busy. It's very easy to pick up a fresh bouquet on your way home from work on Valentine's, but does that really demonstrate to them how much you value them? Does it show that you've put forethought into getting them a thoughtful and meaningful gift? And does the short-livedness of a bouquet of flowers really demonstrate your lasting and growing relationship with them?

Show your loved one that you have put thought into getting a gift for them, by getting them something last lasts, becomes even more beautiful over time. You can't go wrong with plants.

2. Plants last more than 10 times longer than cut flowers

Sad flowers

Let's be generous and say most cut-flower bouquets survive for two weeks.

Compare this to outdoor plants, which are often in full bloom for 12 weeks or longer.

Compare this also to indoor plants, which can flower continuously for months at a time, and which can thrive for decades. They can become a constant reminder of the beautiful relationship you share.

3. Plants are better for the environment than cut flowers.

Cargo plane

Transporting cut flowers around the world is incredibly resource-heavy. Once they are cut, flowers have to be refrigerated, and they have to be transported very quickly around the world, because once they are separated from the mother plant, it's quite literally a race against the clock to get them to customers whilst they are still at their best. As a result, there is also a huge amount of wastage in the floristry industry, because nobody buys flowers when they are less-than-perfect.

Plants are much hardier than cut flowers. They do not need to be refrigerated to be delivered to customers, and as a result they can be transported via slower and less resource-heavy means. Plants also last longer.

4. Scheduling a Valentine's Delivery is easy

You don't even need to leave the comfort of your seat to schedule a unique, romantic and hassle-free plant delivery for your Valentine. All it takes is a few clicks and you're done!

5. These plants are super hard to kill

Lazy Flora Flamingo Flower

I'm under no illusion. I know lots of people aren't confident caring for plants, or don't consider themselves green fingered. That's why all the plants we choose for Lazy Flora - both indoor and outdoor - are some of the absolute hardest-to-kill plants around. I think our fabulous Flamingo Flower (see picture above) is a particularly appropriate gift this Valentine's day. If the name isn't enough for you, knowing that they provide this insanely bright colour for months on end, and - get this - have heart-shaped leaves. They make for a loved one at any time of year.

So don't let this Valentine's Day sneak up on you. A plant delivery for the one you love is a beautiful gift you can give any time of year. Getting a delivery from Lazy Flora is a special, unique and creative way to show you care. Our last day for Valentine's Day orders is midnight on Sunday, 11 February.

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