What happens when you have too many plants?
Hall Park with Lazy Flora planters

Sometimes, at the end of a month, we have some plants left over from our outdoor plant collections.

The reason for this is that the different plants we source come in different size trays. At wholesale, you have to buy a complete tray.

So when we're trying to calculate how many trays to buy, I really have to put my thinking cap on to ensure that we buy the right quantities of each tray, and we don't buy too many or too few of one thing.

However, inevitably if I order a tray of one plant that only comes in trays of 8, and we need one or two per plant collection (depending on the size), and another tray that only comes in quantities of 18, and we include 2-3 of these, depending on size, and another that has 12 plants, but again we only need 1 per box, it's impossible to be sure that there's no wastage.

To cut a long story short, sometimes we have some left over plants at the end of a month. Some months, we have more than others.

When we stopped selling the Autumn boxes in November, we decided that the best thing to do with these plants would be to share them with people who might not otherwise get to enjoy them.

So a few weeks ago, we prepared some special planters for Hall Park Care Home in Nottingham, which specialises in dementia care, palliative care, residential care and respite care.

The reason I chose this care home in particular was because my Grandma was temporarily a resident there last summer.

Here are some pictures of the Lazy Flora team preparing the planters, and later in situ at Hall Park Care Home.

Matt planting up the Lazy Flora planters for Hall Park Care Home

Matt planting up the planters to go to Hall Park.

Lazy Flora loading up the car

If only all luggage was as pretty as this.

The entrance to Hall Park Care Home in Nottingham

The entrance to Hall Park Care Home in Nottingham.

Planters outside Hall Park Care Home

The plants in situ, right beside the entrance to Hall Park, and right beside a lovely bench, which residents use (when it isn't quite so rainy as it was that day).

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