Caring for your Vriesea, or Flaming Sword plant

Caring for your Vriesea or Flaming Sword Bromeliad

Meet the Flaming Sword plant, a.k.a. Vriesea. Isn't it magnificent and juicy?

I guess it's probably what we should expect from a plant that originates from Central and South American rainforests. They are a member of the Bromeliad family.

Light and position in the home

Vrieseas can tolerate a wide range of light conditions. They will do well in dappled shade and lower light conditions, but their foliage and bracts (what we recognize as flowers) become brighter when it is exposed to more light.


Vrieseas can tolerate a reasonable range of indoor temperatuers. Their main concern in life is how humid their environment is. The brighter and warmer their surroundings, the more humidity they will require.


As a rainforest plant, Vrieseas like a humid and warm environment, but they are prone to root rot if they are overwatered, or if they stand in water for too long.

Flowering and blooms

Vrieseas are popular for their spectacular and long-lasting flowery spikes - which aren't actually flowers at all but bracts. Bracts appear when the plant is 3-5 years old, and last for months and months! The only downside is that it will only ever produce one bract. Once it's gone, the plant will not produce another. More interestingly, it will then go on to produce 'pups', or baby plants, from its stem. Once the 'pups' are big enough to be removed, they can be transplanted into another pot, and each of these will in turn produce a bract when it is big enough. So you will have an endless supply!