Why we're changing our indoor subscriptions

You might have noticed that we’ve made some pretty big changes to some of our indoor plant subscriptions. If you haven’t read about these yet, you can see what’s going on here. But in this blog post, I wanted to share a bit of information about what led us to make these changes.

Lazy Flora is a young, independent company and the whole team here is really passionate about what we do. We love making products that our customers adore, and I want you to love Lazy Flora as much as we do. My number one goal with this business is for us to create a business that delivers products that people love. All these changes are happening as a result of feedback that you, our lovely customers, have shared with us over the past few months.

Retirement of Basic subscriptions

The decision to retire our Basic plant subscriptions was one that I should have made sooner. It wasn’t an easy decision, as has been an incredibly popular product. But it boils down to the fact that we were finding it increasingly difficult to deliver a high quality product at the price point we had started with. Lots of customers love this product, and continue to love this product, I know, but I could never get away from the feeling that it was just ‘good enough’ and not ‘amazing’. I was always tormented by the fact that there were so many amazing plants that I felt we should be including in our subscriptions, but that we couldn’t because we simply couldn’t afford them at the price point.

At around the same time, we started getting a few off-the-cuff comments from customers that the planters included in the ‘with pot’ option were… well, a bit ‘meh’. We introduced these planters as a way of trying to keep the cost of the Basic subscriptions as low as possible, but it turns out that wasn’t what you were looking for, so we knew there were changes to be made there as well.

The final nail in the coffin was some message from a handful of customers who felt that the subscriptions weren’t delivering good value. The decision was made.

What this means for Basic subscribers

The upshot of this is that we will continue to deliver Basic subscriptions to everyone who is already subscribed, but we won't accept any new subscriptions. We have no interest in disappointing people, so we've made the decision to sacrifice more of our margin in order to continue to deliver to you a subscription that we think you will enjoy - but of course, from a business perspective, we can't continue to do this at scale long-term, so we're taking the hit and will continue to deliver this to you until such time as it no longer makes sense for you - or us - to do this.

Luxury subscriptions

Having made the decision that we would no longer sell Basic subscriptions, I wanted to make sure that whatever we replaced them with would be the best possible version of a plant subscription that we could create. I wanted the plants to be utterly AMAZING, and the planters to be GORGEOUS. Instead of trying to second-guess what customers wanted, we spent some time on social media gathering information from you about what you liked and what you didn’t.

We launched Luxury subscriptions at the start of March as a real-time experiment, and the takeup was instant. You guys were clearly waiting for this version of our indoor subscription.

As a result, I’m now really excited and confident to relaunch our Luxury subscriptions from this week. They now include:

  • NEW pet-friendly Luxury subscription
  • Gorgeous new planters with our ‘with pot’ option.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

We aren’t planning to change up our plant subscriptions all the time. But we will continue to listen to customer feedback with the intensity of a new parent listening for their baby crying in the next room. 😉

I promise always to listen to you, even if it’s downright uncomfortable for me. Thanks for helping me make Lazy Flora the best it can be.



Lazy Flora Founder Claire


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