Getting creative during lockdown

Baking banana bread, crafting, painting flower arranging or dancing… it seems like many of you are finding new ways to be creative during the lockdown.

Throughout human history, creativity has been a way we have coped with times of chaos and uncertainty.

So besides getting in the garden or re-arranging your houseplants, what else could you do?

april house garden designs

Here are a few ideas to get creative with your plants and flowers during lockdown:

  • Do a sketch, like this lovely drawing from Emily of April House Garden Design of our brand new plant collection (plants are currently subject to change, but more on that later!)

  • Take a few small cuttings from your florals and use them to make a picture. Press them in some old, heavy books and press them, putting the results in a frame.

  • On a sunny day, make a lovely video of your garden showing off your flowers and plants. You can even add music, and it will be a special reminder during this uncertain time.

  • Make a scrapbook - save tips and ideas from magazines for houseplant ideas, and doodle plants and flowers in it, along with the best times to plant up.

  • Speak or sing to your plants and flowers. Sounds strange, but it could be fun!

  • Pick your favourite plant or flower and write a poem about it, and write what you love about it.

  • Recycle old petals and try your hand at a modern version of pot pourri!

    Do you have more suggestions?

    If you decide to have some creative fun with your Lazy Flora collection, we’d love to see the results!

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