How Lazy Flora is 30% cheaper than shopping online

With Lazy Flora, our mission from day one has been to make low stress gardening available to everyone through our home plant subscription boxes.

No matter what stage you’re at on your gardening journey, we’ve created a product and service that meets you where you’re at right now. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products delivered to your door alongside the best possible support. But surely we can’t deliver a customer experience above and beyond other plant retailers and beat them on price too? Well actually, it turns out we can.

Lazy Flora Home Plant Subscription vs Shopping Online

To see just how much value we offer our customers we took some time to crunch the numbers and compare our service to other plant retailers.

How We Ran Our Comparison

We took our best-selling 8-plant outdoor collection to run through the comparison test.

We then purchased the same plants individually from our bigger online competitors, and compared the total against what it costs to purchase our bundle.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Not all of the plants were available from all suppliers.
  • Where we discovered multiple suppliers with a comparable plant, we selected the cheapest option and consolidated suppliers in order to keep delivery costs to a minimum.
  • In some cases, only seeds were available. In these instances we selected the smallest quantity of seeds as a substitute for the plant in our Lazy Flora collection
  • We assumed that if you were buying more than one item from any of the suppliers mentioned, you would only pay that delivery charge once.

The Results? Our Lazy Flora Plant Bundle Is 30% Cheaper Than Shopping Online.

The results are in, and I’m proud to say the figures speak for themselves:  

  • Cost of our best-selling 8-plant outdoor plant bundle: £45
  • The cost of purchasing all the plants individually: £73.41

That’s a saving of £28.41 by shopping through our plant subscription service.

Here's the data for how we worked this out, correct on 9th August 2021.

(Please note: links to external sites are all current and accurate as of 9 August 2021 but may go out of date as the retailers change over their stock.)

Plant + pot diameter Price Retailer

Primula viallii (12cm) x2


Angelonia (10.5cm)



Begonia (9cm)



Celosia argentea (10.5cm)


Catharanthus (10.5cm)



Nicotiana (9cm)


Platycodon (12cm) x2


Beards and Daisies





<-- This is what you save when you buy from Lazy Flora.

The Lazy Flora Difference

Value isn’t just about being the cheapest.

It’s about the quality of produce and service you get as a customer.

At Lazy Flora we buy from the best suppliers, package the plants in an environmentally responsible way, and ship them to you with the best delivery services available.

We then offer comprehensive guidance and support at every stage.

Our mission is to make choosing, identifying, and caring for plants, as easy and fun as possible. You can watch this 30-second clip of what we do.

On top of that, it just so happens that the plant subscription bundles we offer are cheaper than buying the same plants individually at their lowest retail price.

So when you want to get into gardening - in whatever space you have at home or in the garden - Lazy Flora provides everything you need at the best price.

How a Lazy Flora plant subscription works

We want plant cultivation to be accessible and fun for everyone, so we have a range of indoor and outdoor plant subscriptions to suit different needs:

  • The frequency and quantity of plants you receive is customisable
  • You can pause, skip or cancel your subscription as you wish.
  • You don’t need to be a plant expert. All of our indoor and outdoor plants are chosen with the novice gardener in mind
  • Each plant comes with an easy-to-follow care guide
  • All the plants we provide will thrive with minimal maintenance in a variety of settings
  • For outdoor plants, we provide super simple instructions on assembling them so they look gorgeous in any outdoor space
  • And to make sure we’ve got you covered, our amazing team of gardening gurus is on standby to answer any questions you may have along the way.

We are experts in plant subscriptions, and are ready to support you with every element of your journey into the wonderful world of horticulture.

Click the button below to customize your Lazy Flora plant subscription to suit your living and growing conditions.

Claire Ransom,
Lazy Flora Founder

We make gardening and plant ownership hassle free.

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