How and why we've dropped our prices

You might have noticed recently that there have been some changes to the prices to the plants in our online store, and that there have been some pretty substantial reductions across the board. 

To name just a few examples:

Philodendron Lemon Micans is now £12.99, was £19.50.
Aloe Vera is now £19.99, was £26
Tradescantia is now £9.99, was £16
Boston Fern is now £12.99, was £25
Peace Lily is now £12.99, was £19.50
Spotted Leaf Begonia is now £19.99, was £28
Variegated monstera is now £169, was £175.

So we're talking about really noticeable reductions. 

This is part of a very deliberate move on our part to bring you the highest quality and best value plants available.

Quality is everything

Lazy Flora never set out to be a budget plant service. We have always stocked the highest quality plants you can get, and we spend a lot of time and effort on ensuring they are maintained and shipped to the highest standard. We won't ever compromise on that. 

But what is often a challenge for small businesses, and companies like us who are still right at the beginning of their journey, is being able to access the best prices from suppliers in the first place. It's an uphill struggle when we're directly compared with huge companies, who can buy in much larger quantities and who consequently access much higher discounts.

We've changed how we buy plants, and passed the saving directly on to you

What we have been able to do is develop our knowledge, expertise, and contacts over the past five years, and we've gradually been building the ability to buy smarter and more strategically. We're now at a point where we can purchase the same plants for a lower price than we were able to before, due to our relationship with a vast network of sophisticated suppliers in both the UK and Europe. And we're so, so proud to be able to pass on this saving directly to you.

Please tell your friends!

So please do go and take a look at our plant shop, and enjoy our new, reduced prices. And most importantly, please tell all your friends! Personal recommendations are so valuable to small businesses, we really appreciate you sharing your experience of Lazy Flora with your friends and family.

I know price has been a factor that has put some customers off in the past, so if ever you've visited our store and decided not to purchase because of that, please do take another look at our fast-expanding range of stock, and I'm certain you will be pleasantly surprised! 

A note on subscriptions

Our subscription prices haven't changed. What we are now able to do with subscriptions is actually increase the value of the plants we're shipping to you, so you will see more higher value plants heading your way with your subscription deliveries, including lots of plants that we would never have been able to include in our subscription deliveries before now.

It's going to be exciting!

Lazy Flora Founder & CEO

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