How do I care for Hypoestes or Polka Dot Plant?

Why we love it
Also known as the pink polka dot plant, your Hypoestes has tons of personality and looks to kill! Its brightly spotted leaves stand out in the crowd, especially against other plants. Intrigued yet? I hope so. Popular in the 80s, Hypoestes is having a bit of a comeback too - it’s all the rage among avid plant collectors on social media.

Where’s it from?
This lovely little plant is native to South Africa, Madagascar and South East Asia.

Planting location
A warm windowsill that gets a couple of hours of bright light a day is ideal for your Hypoestes. Think West facing rather than South, as your Hypoestes prefers indirect light.

Light requirements
Bright, indirect light is ideal for Hypoestes care - this will keep the colours vibrant! Too much light and the colour will fade, too little and they’ll disappear altogether.

Temperatures of around 18-20C are ideal.

The polka dot plant prefers constantly moist but not soggy soil. It also likes it quite humid so misting occasionally will help you get the most out of your Hypoestes.

Toxic to pets 
Hypoestes isn’t safe for our furry friends.

Annual or perennial?
As well as being a popular perennial house plant, Hypoestes can also be grown outside as an annual plant in cooler climates.

Did you know?
As well as the polka dot plant, Hypoestes is also known as the flamingo plant, freckle face, freckle plant, and measles plant. And, it also comes in red and white varieties.

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