How do I care for my Anthurium Aristo?
Anthurium Aristo, also known as the Flamingo flower is an easy-to-care for plant that shows off all year round with its waxy leaves and bright contrasting colours. It's no wonder it was named after the stand out Flamingo bird and is a symbol of exotic beauty! It looks fabulous as part of Christmas displays and will add a beautiful pop of colour to your plant collection this festive season and beyond.

Your Flamingo flower tells you if its happy by way of its shiny leaves. Snip out any yellowing or dead leaves and flowers to keep your plant flowering.


Native habitat
Anthurium comes from Columbia and Ecuador.

Light and position in the home
Flamingo flowers love the light. Place in filtered light in the summer, as direct sun can scorch the leaves, and full light in the winter. The more light you can provide the more your plant will flower.

Foliage and flowers
A striking plant with beautiful heart-shaped deep green leaves and bright red leaf-like bracts with a light white/yellow flower spike.

This plant enjoys a constant temperature (min 16 Ā°C) and high humidity in summer. A light spray with lukewarm water regularly and keeping the leaves clean with a wipe or sponge helps improve humidity.

Water this beauty freely each time the top few inches of soil feels dry. If you've forgotten to water and the roots completely dry out stand the plant in water until it has absorbed all the moisture and had a good drink. Don't let the plant stand wet for too long as this rots the roots. If over watered stand the plant in a warm room until it drys out slightly.

Did you know?
The colourful parts of the plant are not actually flowers! They are waxy 'spathes' or modified leaves. Tiny white & yellow flowers appear within the spathes.

Toxic to pets
Flamingo flowers are poisonous if ingested, and can irritate the skin, so please handle with care, and keep out of the reach of children and pets.


Love the look of this beautiful plant and want to get one? We are sending the Anthurium Aristo to all our indoor plant subscribers (luxury not-pet friendly) in December 2021!

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