How do I care for my Burro's Tail?

Lazy Flora Burro's Tail

Meet our gorgeous plant of the month for April 2019. Like the character in Shrek, this is one cute little donkey that will win you over in no time! Here's some useful information on how to care for your juicy new plant. 

Native habitat
Mexico and Honduras - hot and dry.

Light and position in the home
A light and bright position, out of direct sun, will suit this plant just fine. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. If you notice the stems turning yellow, that can be a sign that the plant is getting too much sun. The leaves should be a cool blue-green hue.

Flowers and foliage
Burro's Tail plants rarely flower, and generally only do so when the plant is large and well-established. The primary appeal of the plant is in the beautiful hanging nature of the stems, which will gradually start to hang over the side of the planter as they grow too long to support themselves.

The ideal year-round temperature for this plant is 10-28 degrees Celcius.

Burro's Tail is a succulent, which stores water in all of its leaves. The fastest way to kill this plant is to overwater it, so make sure the soil has completely dried out before you water it, and then drench and drain so that it is not sitting in very moist soil for any time. A thorough watering once every month or less will probably be sufficient, but use your judgement based on the feel of the soil.

Did you know?
The scientific name for 'Burro's Tail' is Sedum Morganium, but it is also known as 'Donkey's Tail'. 'Burro' means 'donkey' in Spanish.

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