How do I care for my Cambria Orchid?

This beautiful Cambria Orchid is our brand new January pet-friendly indoor plant that is replacing the Jewel Orchid. Here are some tips for how to best care for this vibrant orchid.

Native habitat

The Cambria are quite unusual because they do not grow naturally in the wild. They are in fact a hybrid of various plant species.

Light and position in the home

The Cambria will enjoy maximum light levels (East or North facing window is ideal), but do not place in direct sunlight. The reddish pigmentation of its leaves indicates that the plant is getting the right levels of light. If leaves are dark green the plant needs more light, if dark red it has had too much light.

Flowers and foliage

The Cambria are capable of flowering every 8-9 months because the new pseudo-bulbs grow quickly and bloom quickly. When the plant has finished flowering, cut off the old branch and then treat the plant the same as during the flowering period.

Watering and humidity

New leaves indicate the vegetation stage. At this time water regularly, but don't overwater the plant. Cooler temperatures usually mean the dormant stage has arrived (winter) - water less regularly, around once every two weeks. High levels of humidity will produce a thriving plant, but don't worry if you can't provide this - extra watering should be fine.


The Cambria enjoys moderate temperatures and so most room temperatures are ideal. Anywhere in between 18-24 degrees Celsius.

Did you know?

The Cambria was created in a laboratory in 1911 by Charles Vuylsteke. From that moment many beautiful hybrids have been created and the Cambria term is nowadays used for a large group of hybrid orchids with beautiful spotted and brightly coloured flowers.


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