How do I care for my Dwarf Mountain Palm?

Our beautiful mountain-dwelling, air-purifying, calming plant of the month for January 2019!

Lazy Flora Dwarf Mountain Palm

Native habitat
Found in mountains from Mexico down to Guatemala.

Light and position in the home
This plant will grow well in almost any location within the home, although it is best kept out of direct sunlight. It is extremely tolerant of varied light levels and will do well in a shady corner.

This palm is a very slow-growing plant. At its current size, it won't produce flowers, but may do so in years to come when it reaches a height of 2-4ft, at which point it may produce small, white flowers.

This plant comes from mountain climes and therefore has evolved to grow in very well-drained soil. It doesn't require a lot of watering. Water it just a little when you notice that the soil has dried out. The tips of the leaves will turn brown if it doesn't receive enough water.

Ideal daytime temperature for this palm is around 18-22 degrees Celcius. Keep it above 10 degrees.

Did you know?
This palm is one of the best plants for purifying the air. The principal author of a NASA study ranked it number 21 of 50 of the best air purifying plants on the planet.

Why we chose this plant
We chose this plant specifically for January, because it felt like the perfect plant to kick off the new year. In early January, I know I always think a lot more about setting positive intentions for the new year, and I know that this year, more than ever, that involves being better at prioritising wellbeing, calmness, and relaxation.ย 

For me, this plant creates a beautifully calm atmosphere. Knowing also that it's one of the top air-purifying plants on the planet, as proven by NASA scientists, is even more of a reason to have one in your home (although they also say that you probably need 10+ plants to really benefit from the air purifying qualities).ย 


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