How do I care for my Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Native to the lowland tropical rainforests of western Africa.

Light and position in the home

This Ficus likes bright light and a lot of it. Accustomed to the African sun it will deteriorate if it does not receive enough light. A South facing window is best, just be sure to avoid direct light as this plant is used to the natural sun filter of the forest.

Watering and humidity

As always try not to use cold water, tepid is best. Allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings and avoid overwatering. Yellowing drooping leaves are a key indicator. This plant will prefer higher humidity, sitting on a watered tray of pebbles or occasional misting will help.


This plant likes warmer temperatures preferably no lower than 16 Celsius and try to avoid warm and cold airs such as radiators. air conditioning.

Flowering and blooms

Although the Ficus lyrata can flower and produce fruit, it very rarely does indoors, partly because its pollination requires a specific type of wasp! Large, green, veined leaves make this tropical tree a firm favourite.

Did you know?

The Ficus lyrata is known as a Banyan fig. The seeds of the fig germinate high up in the forest crown, eventually the roots travel downwards entwining and strangling the tree it started life on!

Be aware!

This plant is toxic to cats and dogs, so keep them out of reach of your dear furry friends.

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