How do I care for my Figleaf Palm?

Native habitat

Fatsia japonica is as its name suggests native to southern Japan (and also Korea), inhabiting its coastal woodlands.

Light and position in the home

Your Figleaf Palm prefers a shaded position and can tolerate a full shaded position. Leaves will begin to scorch if in direct sun.

Flowers and foliage

The Figleaf Palm plant could have up to 11 lobes a leaf, large and glossy. These tropical-looking leaves are there to be admired all year round. Autumn time can see the plant produce clusters of tiny white flowers followed by small black fruits in the spring.

Watering and humidity

A slight drought-tolerant plant, allow the soil to dry out a bit before giving a thorough watering. Reduce watering needs in winter/colder environments.


Your Figleaf Palm is comfortable in a range of temperatures all the way down to -10 degrees Celsius so will be happy as an outdoor specimen too.

Did you know?

The word fatsia roughly translates to eight and the Japanese name for the Fatsia is 'Yatsude' which roughly translates to eight fingers. However, the Fatsia frequently produce odd-numbered lobes instead of 8! To add another twist, odd numbers are considered lucky in Japan!


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