How do I care for my Fittonia?

Add a little tropical to your home with this months plant of the month for March 2019: the easy growing rainforest dweller Fittonia - a.k.a Nerve plant.Lazy Flora Fittonia

Native habitat

Tropical plant originating from rainforest floors in Peru and South America.

Light and position in the home

A North-facing window is ideal for this plant. It lives on the floor of the rainforest, where direct sun is blocked by the many leaves and plants above, but there is still plenty of bright, indirect light. Recreating these conditions will encourage the brightest colouring of the leaves. Low light conditions will mean the plant reverts more to green, less vibrant colouring.

Flowers and foliage

Fittonias are most often green, pink, or red, with veins. They do produce tiny flowers, but this is not common when they are kept as a houseplant. 


Fittonia thrives in constant temperature between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. Avoid draughts. 


Water then the top of soil has dried out, but don't leave it too long. Water with room-temperature water. Fittonia needs plenty of humidity and doesn't need too much irrigation, so often does well in terrariums.. It's easy to tell when it needs watering, as the leaves will clearly droop when it is thirsty. Try not to let it get to that point though! 

Did you know? 

Fittonias were names after botanists Elizabeth and Sarah Mary Fitton, who wrote 'Conversations on Botany'. Fittonias are also known as 'Nerve plants'.

Why we chose this plant

I got my first Fittonia last summer, and instantly fell in love with it. The crazy colouring of the leaves really makes it stand apart from the usual shiny green of many indoor plants. Initially, I was hesitant about getting one because I thought it might take more care than some of my other plants, and I wasn't confident confident that I would be able to keep it alive, but I needn't have worried. It's been one of the most robust and beautiful plants in my collection ever since. It's taken a while to be able to source these for Lazy Flora, but I hope you agree that the wait has been totally worth it!

 You can get your own Fittonia plant here until 27 March 2019.