How do I care for my Guzmania Rouche?
Guzmanias are some of the most striking plants of the rainforest. They exist in almost all rainforest areas throughout the world. Their distinctive bract colours and shape makes them an extremely desirable houseplant, and lucky for us, they are also reasonably easy to care for! The stunning red bracts of this Guzmania are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your plant collection this festive season and beyond.

One of the most fascinating things about these plants is their ability to produce 'pup' plants. This is their way of reproducing and ensuring the continuation of their lineage, rather than throwing out seeds like many other plants do.

Native Habitat

Guzmanias are native to wide range of habitats from Florida to the Andean Rainforests.

Light and position in the home
Although Guzmania can tolerate lower light levels, it will be happiest when in a bright spot with indirect light. Preferably near an east or west facing window. Guzmanias are ideal plants for the bathroom, as they love humidity and don't need a lot of daylight to be happy.

Foliage and flowers
The long and narrow leaves of the Guzmania eventually give way to the main attraction: a vibrant star shaped flower bract that, with good care, will last months. If the bract gets damaged you can trim it down to a healthier looking part with a sharp, clean tool.

Room temperatures are ideal for this plant, avoid anything colder than 13C, draughty areas or close to radiators.

Your Guzmania absorbs water though its leaves and rosette (the little funnels where the leaves meet the stem). Apply water to the rosette using lukewarm water, trying your best not to wet the bract (the 'flower'). It is a fairly drought tolerant plant, so avoid overwatering or allowing water to sit in the rosette for long periods. Keep the soil mix slighty moist by watering it ever so often.

Did you know?
Once it has flowered, your Guzmania will eventually die, as that is its natural lifecycle. However, if cared for properly, the mother plant will start to produce new baby Guzmanias before it does so. Once the bract has died, cut it all off and wait for the new baby plants to grow to about 4 inches before repotting.

This plant is safe and non-toxic to cats and dogs.

If you would like to add the beautiful Guzmania Rouche to your plant collection, we are sending it out to all our pet friendly indoor plant subscribers in December 2021!

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