How do I care for my Jade Plant?

To celebrate the launch of our crowdfunding campaign we are bringing you good fortune and joy this month with the fabulous Crassula ovata a.k.a  Jade plant! 

This is our Luxury NOT pet-friendly Indoor plant for November 2019. Here are some tips for how to best care for this green beauty.


Native habitat

A native of the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

Light and position in the home

The money plant prefers bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light levels. Strong light can cause leaves to turn purple.

Flowers and foliage

Jade plant leaves are fleshy and succulent-like. It is possible for white or pink star shaped flowers to emerge at the beginning of winter when days are darker and colder. However, flowers aren't common on these plants and usually only occur on very established plants.

Watering and humidity 

Allow the soil to dry out a little between watering but not too much and do not allow to sit in water for too long. Jade plants are normally dormant over the winter period and generally require less water. 


Room temperatures are ideal for the Jade plant avoid anything lower than 5 degrees Celsius and any warm or cold drafts..

Did you know?

The Jade plant has many common names, one of them being the money plant. It is believed that this plant activates financial energies. In feng shui practices, facing this plant in different directions encourages different energies. It's southeast for wealth! 


If you like the look of our Jade Plant and want to get your hands on one of these intriguing and fascinating plants, you can get yours here.

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