kalanchoe aurora plant

A flowering succulent? Yes, please!

We love everything about this plant, from its fleshy, succulent leaves and pretty little flowers which emerge in early spring. It's not often you find an indoor plant which provides you with flowers, so we are really excited to bring this one to you.

Unlike other Kalanchoes, this particular variety has slightly pale, cream variegations on the edges of its leaves, which add a special touch to its foliage when it's not in flower.

Kalanchoes are really easy to care for and their succulent nature means they do not require much watering, and only once the top soil is dry. A nice sunny window ledge will keep your Kalanchoe happy and thriving.

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Native habitat

Native to Madagascar and tropical Africa.

Light and position in the home

Kalanchoes grow best in bright, sunny locations. Somewhere close to an east or west facing window is ideal during the summer, and a south facing window during winter. 

Foliage and flowers

Kalanchoes have frilly, succulent leaves, and this particular variety has lovely cream edges which contrast with the dark green centre of the leaf. In early spring, Kalanchoes produce a spike of small flowers, usually in pink, but colours can vary.


Keep your Kalanchoe in mild temperatures above 10C. If you notice your Kalanchoe wilting, it may have become too cold. Move to a warmer spot and away from any cold draughts. Other causes could be under or over watering.


These are really easy to care for plants, the main thing to remember is they do not like to be overwatered. Only water your Kalanchoe when the top few inches of soil is dry. Water very sparingly in winter, if at all, and ensure excess water can freely drain away.

Did you know?

Sometimes Kalanchoe's leaves can turn red in the sun, this is usually nothing to worry about. However, you may need to move your plant if you notice signs of sunburn.

This plant is toxic to pets.

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