How do I care for my Late Summer plant collection?

Yes, we're in denial that it's Autumn. There's still time for summer to make a last hurrah! Here are some of the plants that make up our current Late Summer Seasonal Outdoor plant collections.

Silver Bush

Cushion bush

a.k.a. cushion bush or calocephalus brownii. This little bush does not like to be overwatered and appreciates some direct sun! It is a native of Australia and has a soft, tangled look. It produces tiny flowers in spring.

The Callistephus, commonly known as the China aster is a member of the daisy family and its blooms resemble those of Chrysanthemums. They enjoy full sun to part shade, do not allow to dry out and deadheading is certainly encouraged.

Chilli plant
This south american native is a wonderful addition to any garden, providing a display of small white flowers before an explosion of colour in the form of the Capsicum fruit, the pepper.Keep your Capsicum warm and sunny, keeping the soil evenly moist. 


A very hardy autumn flowerer, simply deadhead regularly. In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of Autumn and the flower of the ninth month. It is a symbol of longevity due to its health-giving properties. 

Celosia is a tropical plant of the Amaranth family. Known more commonly as the cockscomb, its blooms provide a vibrant burst of colour to any garden.Provide plenty of direct sunlight and keep moist but take extra care not to overwater your Celosia.

Yes it's an ornamental cabbage! Brassica thrives in very well-drained soil and they like a bit of sunshine. You won't need to water this plant very much at all - especially at this time of year. You will generally find that the colour of the leaves will brighten after the first frost.

Festuca glauca
Blue Fescue, as it is more commonly known, is an ornamental grass known for its hardiness and fine texture. Full sun will encourage your Fescue to produce its most vibrant colour. It prefers drier soil and will not tolerate soggy conditions very well.

These miniature violas are a wonderful splash of colour. They will stop flowering when there is a frost, but resume flowering as soon as there's a warmer spell, and will flower prolifically in spring! In Victorian England, they were a symbol of love.

Balloon Flower
Balloon Flower platycodon
Known as the Balloon Flower because of the shape of the buds as they are about to burst into flower. It is even possible to 'pop' the buds and you are rewarded with a satisfying sound when they burst. Great for gardening with kids, these are a firm favourite in the Lazy Flora camp. 



Gerberas often only throw up one of two flowers at a time, so deadheading is encouraged to ensure new blooms! In Victorian England, Gerberas were said to be the Happy Flower. Gerberas will thrive in the sunshine.


These are some of the plants included in our current Late Summer Seasonal Outdoor plant collections. If having beautiful plants delivered to your door without even having to leave the house, let alone sit for hours in traffic, sounds like something for you, check out our plant subscriptions here



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