How do I care for my COVID-19 outdoor plants?

As you can see, Lazy Flora is open for business and we are delighted to continue to deliver beautiful, anxiety-relieving plants at a time when many of us need them more than ever.

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of disruption to our supply chain, and we've had to overhaul and rework our shipping procedures sometimes several times in one day! But we're working through every single challenge, and resolving them one by one. The team is in great spirits and working hard.

I'm keeping everyone up-to-date online, so please keep looking at our blog, Facebook or Instagram for more information. Claire x



A popular sight in early spring, Narcissus is actually a member of the daffodil family. This plant is named after the Greek god of the same name. Narcissus was a handsome young man who fell in love with his own reflection in a pond and fell in and drowned.



In the 1600s, tulips were the most expensive flower in the world. One flower was more valuable than most people's homes. Experts say that 'Tulip Mania' in the 1600s caused the first economic crash, likely due to the bubonic plague. Nowadays, Holland exports 3 billion bulbs each year.


These early flowering plants are amongst the first to produce blooms, as a result they generally finish flowering before everything else and can tolerate a shadier spot in summer. Over time your crocus will naturalise providing more flowers every year.


This tiny, tough evergreen shrub is native to Japan, Korea, and China. There are 175 varieties of euonymus - both evergreen and deciduous. It provides beautiful green shades all year round.


This instantly recognisable woody perennial is used all over the world for a variety of things. Ensure it gets a sunny spot, adequate watering and shelter from the wind and it should provide blooms year after year. Make sure to snip off fading flowers to encourage more blooms.


This delicate miniature early-flowering blue Iris will also arrive with you as a bulb with established shoots and will blossom into a beautiful bright iris (although just how quickly they bloom will depend on the temperature).
more flowers every year.


Commonly known as the African daisy, Osteospermum is a low maintenance plant that, if protected over winter, will provide flowers not only throughout this season but the following ones too. Make sure to deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowering!



Meet the Peony, fragrant flowers year after year, long-lived, and trouble-free gardening! Give this plant a spot in the sun and enjoy, once established the Peony is drought-resistant needing water only in the hotter summer months. Cut down to ground level in autumn.


Also known as the English primrose the primula is one of the earliest plants to flower in spring time. Enjoy the burst of colour the primula provides at this time of year when most other plants have lost their colour.


Like many herbs, this Mediterranean native is part of the mint family. Its fragrant leaves are used in a range of products such as foods, teas, oils, and perfumes. Cut back stems after blooms start to fade.


If you like the look of our outdoor plant collection and want to get your hands on these beautiful plants, you can get yours here. 

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