How do I care for my medinilla magnifica?

Why we love it

The Medinilla magnifica, like the name suggests, is quite magnificent. It’s one of the most graceful and stylish flowering plants you can grow indoors. Its dramatic, rose pink hanging flowers will add a pop of colour to any windowsill through spring and summer and in the winter months the glossy green foliage will come into its own.

Where’s it from?
Originating from the Philippines, it is commonly known as the Rose Grape or the Philippine Orchid.

Planting location
Like most Orchids, Medinilla magnifica, is not a fan of the cold (who is?) and should be kept indoors. It can grow to around 3 metres and should be kept in a pot around 18cm - although it can be re-potted in the winter months up to around 25cms, if needed. Make sure to prune it back to encourage new growth. 

Light requirements
These plants require bright, indirect sunlight and should be shaded from the hottest rays of the day. If the leaves start turning brown either the air is too dry or your plant’s getting too much direct sunlight – adjust its position.

Remember when we said Medinilla magnifica didn’t like the cold? We really mean it. This plant thrives in temperatures of around 18 to 24ºC all year round and shouldn’t be kept below 15ºC. A south facing, sunny windowsill should do the trick, even in the winter.

Water well during spring and summer and during the winter months water just enough to stop the plant from drying out. Start watering again in early-mid Spring, when it starts to re-flower.
This plant also loves humidity - mist spray the leaves during flowering season to encourage growth.

Toxic to pets 
Toxic to pets.

Annual or perennial?
Perennial. You’ll have beautiful pink flowers spring/summer and luscious green leaves through winter (but you have to keep it inside). 

Did you know?
In Belgium in the 1900’s Medinilla magnifica was coveted by the wealthy and noble and grown in royal conservatories. It was also printed on the 10,000 Belgian francs bank note. Fancy.

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