How do I care for my Murdannia Ioriformis or Angel Grass?

Angel Grass is our Indoor Subscription plant of the month for October 2021. We love this striking, easy-care, little plant and hope you will too! Here are some top care tips to ensure yours thrives once it arrives in your home.

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Native habitat
Murdannia Loriformis - also known as Angel Grass - is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia.

Light and position in the home
Angel Grass enjoys bright but indirect light, which will give the best colouring. Try and East-facing windowsill or a few feet away from a south-facing one.

Foliage and flowers
This gorgeous cultivar produces lovely variegated (different coloured) leaves. They grow in beautiful stripes of grey-green and have deeper green ridged edges. Their bases are wrapped around a fleshy stem, that slowly splays out. At the tips of these stems, airy sprays of creamy white star-shaped flowers might appear, if you keep it happy.

This plant is non-toxic for cats and dogs.

As you'd expect from a plant native to the tropics, Angel Grass appreciates being kept snug. Normal room temperature is best, but never let temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celcius (50 degrees Farenheit).

Water weekly and thoroughly in the growing season from spring to autumn. Don't let the soil dry out. Then reduce watering in the winter, when the plant's growth has slowed down. Don't overwater it: the roots are thin and can be prone to root rot. You can also mist the leaves occasionally on hot summer days.

Did you know?
This plant has many names, including Angel Grass, Beijing Grass, and Severalflower Dewflower.

Traditional Chinese medicine used the foliage to alleviate respiratory symptoms and expel toxins from the body. :-)

If you like the sound of this and fancy getting an Angel Grass plant of your own, we're sending one to all our beautiful Indoor plant subscribers in October 2021. Click the link below to learn more about our awesome subs and to customize your plan!

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