How do I care for my passion flower 'marijke'?

Why we love it
The flowers of the passion flower are, some of the most extravagant and unusual flowers you will see in all of nature. The flowers are such show-offs that they are almost alien looking, which would in itself make them good enough to be on our list of favourites! But add to that the amazing fragrance of this plant, and we just can't get enough of them.

Where's it from?
Most passion flowers originate from tropical South America, with a few varieties from other hot and tropical locations within Asia, South Pacific islands and Australia. 

Planting location
This particular passion flower can survive harsh UK winters, providing it is sufficiently protected from the cold. It will generally be fine down to a low of 5 or 6 degrees Celcius. It is best stored out of frost and snow's reach during winter. However, if all that sounds like quite a bit of hassle, it also makes the most amazing flowering houseplant, especially if you have a light, bright windowsill. Given the right conditions, it will reward you will flowers almost all year round.

Light requirements
Passion flowers just love sunshine. The more direct sunlight you can give it, the more flowers it will produce for you and the happier it (and you!) will be.

Plenty of water is required to create the best flowers - check on it daily in warm weather, occasionally when it's cool.

Toxic to pets 
Unclear - treat it as though it's toxic to pets.

Annual or perennial?
Perennial, but see information above for explanation.

Did you know? 
Passion Flower is a vining plant and will need something to climb up and around. Our passion flowers come with a hoop for exactly this purpose, but you can always create your own trellis or climbing frame with bamboo canes.

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