How do I care for my Rhipsalis Paradoxa?

This June our non pet-friendly indoor plant of the month is the unusual Rhipsalis Paradoxa also known as the Chain Cactus. This relatively unfussy plant makes a great choice for busy people who want to create modern indoor jungle rooms with a difference. 

Native habitat

Rhipsalis paradoxa also know as Chain Cactus is native to Brazil. Brazil.

Light and position in the home

Chain Cactus have adapted to survive in partial shade or bright indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight. as this will scorch the cactus leaves.

Flowers and foliage

A funky looking plant with an unusual 3 angle chain like structure perfect for trailing from a hanging planter or windowsill to create a real  jungle vibe.  Its long evergreen branches can grow 5 meters depending on the space. From late winter to early spring the plant produces tiny white flowers along the branches.  It also produces inedible red fruits.

Watering and humidity

Although a cactus, this plant's natural habitat is a tropical forest so it thrives best in warm, humid environments such as a bathroom or kitchen. Allow the topsoil to dry out completely before watering.  Water less during the winter months (every two weeks) and weekly during the summer depending on the dryness of the soil. Drench the plant completely with normal, filtered or rain water, allowing it to drain away and to avoid rotting the roots.


The ideal temperature is 18 to 24 °C. Abrupt changes in temperature level are harmful for the plant.

Did you know?

Rhipsalis is the largest and most diverse genus of epiphytic cactus. They are called epiphytic because they grow on other plants, but they are not parasites.


If you like the look of our Rhipsalis Paradoxa plant and want to get your hands on one of these, you can get yours here.


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