How do I care for my Spider Plant?

The Spider Plant is in incredibly undemanding houseplant, and is our Lazy Flora plant of the month for February 2019. Its scientific name is Chlorophytum Comosum.

Lazy Flora Spider Plant

Native habitat
Tropical and Southern Africa.

Light and position in the home
Spider plants are super adaptable to differing light conditions. They prefer bright, indirect light, but will also do fine in lower light conditions. Try not to place them in direct sunlight.

Spider plants may produce small flowers in the spring/summer time, but the true appeal of this plant is in the beautiful green and white foliage.

This plant doesn't like the water to be too dry or too wet, so don't let it dry out completely.

This is a plant that enjoys cooler temperatures, ideally between 13 and 18 degrees Celcius.

Did you know?
The Spider Plant is so-called because in summer, it produces mini plants called 'pups', which look a bit like spiders. The 'pups' are often more brightly coloured than the parent plant.ย 

Don't let too many babies hang on the mother plant, because they will take a lot of the plant's energy. You can always remove the babies and plant them to create more spider plants.

This plant grows quite fast. The good news is that they are plants that like being 'potbound' (when the roots of a plant fill the pot it is in, leaving the plant no more room for the roots to expand), so you don't need to rush to repot them like you might do with other plants.

Why we chose this plant
We chose this plant to be February 2019s's plant of the month, because at this time of year, we're all still very much thinking about ways to make positive, lasting changes to our habits and lives. The Spider Plant is an amazing mood boosting plant, because it is so self-sufficient and effortlessly beautiful. It gives a high-energy green zing to any room, and makes me feel good every time I look at it.

You can get your own Spider plant here until 26 February 2019.


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