How do I care for my String of beads?


String of beads is a unique and quirky, cascading succulent that’ll be a highlight of your plant collection. And as one of the lowest maintenance trailing plants around, it'll feel like a cheat plant too. It’s so easy to grow indoors, perfect for beginners and the long stems of beads look beautiful pouring over the edges of any pot or hanging basket.

Native habitat

Senecio herreianus, to give this plant its Sunday name, is native to southwest Africa where it grows as creeping vines in dry desert areas.

Light and position in the home

String of beads will thrive indoors, in a bright and warm environment. A 14cm pot or hanging basket will show off this succulent’s best quality – those long stems of green beads. Bedrooms, living rooms and studies make great spots.

Indirect, bright light (for example not on a windowsill that gets direct sun at any point in the day). Beware of direct light. If you want to show it off outdoors in the warmer months keep it shaded from the hot midday sun.

Foliage and flowers

This plant is perennial so you can enjoy this beautiful plant’s unique looks all year round. Trimming off dead stems and beads will promote a fuller, more compact plant.

Pet friendly?

String of beads is toxic and not safe for homes with pets.


Keep your plant warm in the growing season (spring to autumn). Somewhere between 21-27°C is ideal. In winter, keep it cool - around 15°C. This plant is not tolerant of draughts.


The easiest way to kill this plant is to water it too much. In fact, once your lovely new plant has arrived, we recommend you don't water it at all until it’s had chance to settle in your home for a week or so. A good tip is to squeeze one of the beads, if firm no water is required, if 'squishy' water the plant.

And during the winter you should reduce watering to an absolute minimum – about once a month should do it.

Did you know?

With just the right balance of watering your String of beads will bloom tiny white, fuzzy flowers which have a very sweet cinnamon smell. Remember - less is more with your String of beads! Those long stems can reach up to 90cm with the right care, too - get the measuring tape out and let us know how you get on!

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