How do I care for my Ti Plant?


Ti Plant aka Cordyline fruticosa is our vibrant Luxury non-pet-friendly Indoor plant for October 2019. Here are some tips for how to best care for this stunning plant. 


Native habitat 
The Ti plant/cordyline's origins are difficult to decipher but now inhabits a wide range including Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia and some Pacific islands. 

Light and position in the home 
Your cordyline will do best in bright but indirect light. Too much bright light can cause the leaves to scorch.

Flowers and foliage 
In the wild, the cordyline produces small pink/whitish flowers but is unlikely indoors. Not to worry though as the main attraction is its glossy, colourful leaves. available all year round!

Watering & Humidity 

Make sure the water is tepid and only water once the top of the soil starts to dry out. If possible use rain or distilled water as the cordyline can be fussy about water quality.

Avoid cold or warm drafts and temperatures below 15 Celsius. Most indoor temperatures will be fine (18-27 Celsius)

Did you know? 
The cordyline is used for many different things throughout the world from medicines to dyes to alcohol. However, it is most commonly found used in the indigenous animist religions of Austronesians where it is used for things such as healing and the storing of souls!


If you like the look of our Ti Plant and want to get your hands on one of these intriguing and fascinating plants, you can get yours here.

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