How do I care for my Velvet leaf philodendron?

This August our NOT pet-friendly indoor plant of the month is the Velvet leaf philodendron. Velvet leaf philodendrons are a popular choice for house plant lovers because they are easy to grow and create that instant jungle vibe that we crave in our search for green spaces at home.

Native habitat

Velvet leaf philodendron, also known as sweetheart plant, is native to Mexico, Brazil and the West Indies where it thrives deep in the rainforest..

Light and position in the home

Place your sweetheart in bright but indirect light or semi-shade. The more light it receives the more vigorously it will grow and this plant can climb or trail as much as 4 metres! So hang it from a ceiling, trail from a high shelf or provide a climbing support. You can even create a living jungle screen by positioning several together.

Flowers and foliage

Velvet-textured heart-shaped leaves that grow bigger as the plant matures. Mature plants can produce green-white flowers.

Watering and humidity

Hailing from the rainforest your plant will thrive best in similar conditions of humidity and warmth. Keep the soil moist in the spring and summer and water when the topsoil feels dry in the winter. Mist the leaves every few days or grow in a saucer of stones and water. Use wipes or a clean damp cloth to keep the leaves free of dirt and dust.


Enjoys warm temperatures ideally between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Did you know?

If you pinch out the growing tips your plant will branch out and become bushier.


If you like the look of our Velvet leaf philodendron plant and want to get your hands on one of these, you can get yours here.

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