How do I care for my Winter is Coming plant collection?

Winter is coming and with it a new collection of plants that make up our the start of our Winter Seasonal Outdoor plant collections. 



Ivy is exceptionally undemanding and will survive the harshest of winters in the UK. The use of ivy at Christmas goes back thousands of years, some believed it had magical properties because of its ability to stay green all year round. 


This tiny, tough evergreen shrub is native to Japan, Korea, and China. There are 175 varieties of euonymus - both evergreen and deciduous. It provides beautiful green shades all year round.


Lazy Flora juniperThe Juniper is a coniferous tree that grows throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, occupying a range of habitats. It has many uses which includes the flavouring of gin. It was once believed that burning your Juniper on Halloween would ward off evil spirits!


Lazy Flora carex

This Japanese sedge enjoys sunshine, so plant it in a sunny spot if you can. This beautiful ornamental grass was once used by people in the Antarctic as insulation for their boots. So you can be confident it can handle the cold better than most plants around.


Calluna Sharon (heather)This common heather is a colourful, low maintenance plant that will provide some much needed winter colour. They do prefer a full sun position and like most plants do not enjoy sitting in overly wet soil for too long. Cut back when blooms start to fade.


Yes, it's an ornamental cabbage! Brassica thrives in very well-drained soil and they like a bit of sunshine. You won't need to water this plant very much at all - especially at this time of year. You will generally find that the colour of the leaves will brighten after the first frost.


Viola imageThese miniature violas are a wonderful splash of colour. They will temporarily stop flowering when there is snow or a frost, but will resume as soon as there's a warmer spell, and will flower prolifically in spring! In Victorian England, they were a symbol of love.


Part of the daisy family the senecio cineraria is more commonly known as silver ragwort or the dusty miller, this small evergreen shrub is grown as a half-hardy annual. It is both heat and drought tolerant and can tolerate light shade, although it will do better in full sun.


Lazy Flora primrose

Also known as the English primrose, the primula is one of the earliest plants to flower in springtime. Enjoy the burst of colour the primula provides at this time of year when most other plants have lost their colour.


The Gaultheria is sometimes known as the Checkberry plant. It's a sweet little evergreen shrub native of North America. The plant grows well in shady conditions that are relatively moist providing colourful winter berries (non-edible!) and leaves.

If you can't wait to get your hands on one of our amazing Winter is Coming outdoor plant collections, simply hop on over to our outdoor plant collections and grab one your yourself right now! 

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