How plants are healing during uncertainty and isolation

Allowing nature to soothe us whilst on lockdown

I don’t know about you, but plants and flowers are bringing even more joy to us at the moment here at Lazy Flora.

At the moment during the COVID-19 crisis, some of us are feeling incredibly alone. Some of us are losing loved ones, some of us are struggling financially, and others are scared about their health.

It’s an incredibly destabilising and worrying time for humanity.

Nature can be a great healer, a great teacher and a great source of comfort when things are difficult for us, both mentally and physically.

We gave it some more thought as to why plants can be so soothing during these times...


🌷 They can teach us about being slow

In a fast paced society, nature can teach us about our natural pace of living. When we slow down to match the pace of nature, we can learn that slow growth can perhaps be even more enjoyable than fast growth.

🌷 They can allow us to appreciate beauty

Natural beauty is so healing and energising for a lot of us, and many people like to surround themselves with plants and flowers, especially when they are sick. Plants and flowers provide a source of beauty that we can appreciate when it seems like the world feels a bit chaotic.

🌷 They can help us take our mind off things

When the news is crazy and we don’t know what comes next, gardening can be a practice in mindfulness and allow us to live in the present moment. Digging in soil, planting up and watering our plant babies allow us to digitally detox and take our minds off what can feel like a relentless wave of panic.

🌷 They can show us how to let go

Plants and flowers are forever changing. They gracefully let go of their petals and leaves when the time is right, and are effortless in their surrender to changes in their nature. We can use them as examples to let go of our habits and processes that aren’t working for us, and might be hindering our growth or wellbeing.

🌷 They can demonstrate the cycles of rest and renewal

Have you ever looked at a plant and thought it was dying, but then once you’d pruned it or gave it some care and attention, it comes back stronger and healthier than ever before? We can be like that. We go through cycles of change, and there are times we fall into despair, but then we can often look back and see that it was a valuable time for growth. Plants can remind us to have cycles of rest and renewal as well as growth.

🌷 They can remind us that we need care, too

Cultivating a beautiful garden or caring for a houseplant reminds us to be good gardeners to ourselves, too. When we notice a withered leaf or some dry soil, we take the necessary steps to restore our plants to health. We can do the same for ourselves too - noticing when we are tired or depleted and giving ourselves that love and care to feel like we are thriving again.

Did any of these resonate with you? We’d love to hear how caring for plants makes you feel during these uncertain times. 

Share your story with a pic and tag us online @lazyflorauk 

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