How to care for my Eyelash Begonia


You only really need to take one look at to understand why it had to be our Plant of the Month. Its exotic looks are just so unique and striking and really make it stand out in the Begonia family. Also unlike some other Begonia's 'Tiger' is quite a compact plant, which makes it a perfect if you're short on windowsill space but still want to pack a punch with stunning looking foliage.

Native habitat

Eyelash begonia originates from Southern and Central America and grows in tropical climates

Light and position in the home

This Begonia likes bright but indirect sunlight and can even survive in low light conditions. Beware, too much strong sunlight can burn its leaves.

Foliage and flowers

The leaves of this Begonia bowerae 'Tiger' dare unusual and unique with their spotted pattern which resembles a tigers paw. They also have white, eyelash like hairs along their edges, hence the common name. This Begonia flowers sprays of small pink flowers in the summer.

Pet friendly?

This plant is not safe for homes with pets.


This plant prefers warmer temperatures between 18-30 Celsius. Avoid colder rooms in your home. It also likes humidity.


Water your Begonia regularly - it doesn't like its soil to be too dry for too long. If the top centimetre or so of soil is dry then it's time for a drink. Misting is also your friend with this Begonia.

Did you know?

The seeds some Begonias can produce are some of the smallest in the plant world and look like dust. In the past Begonias were used to polish swords and the word Begonia means ‘be cautious’ in the plant dictionary!



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