How to care for your Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern is our indoor subscription plant for March 2021, accompanied by the show-stealing zebra planter!

We love this asparagus fern for many reasons. It is rarely found so we thought we should grab it while we could and share it with you. It’s also easy to grow! The ferny leaves are the perfect partner for every other plant in your collection, or if it is your only plant, it is so striking it can be a stand-alone specimen. 

We also like the fact that it isn’t a fern at all, being a member of the lily family. The name comes from how it looks – just like a fern – but botanists look mainly at flower structure when they classify plants and that’s why it is a lily! We are all looking forward to spotting the tiny white flowers while enjoying the fresh green foliage.

Native habitat
This beautiful asparagus fern has its roots firmly in South Africa where it grows outdoors, but in the UK it is a perfect houseplant.

Light and position in the home
Dappled sunlight is ideal along with a little drop of moisture in the air. A bathroom or kitchen is ideal for this beauty. Best keep it away from scorching, direct sunlight as that can dry out the feathery leaves. 

Foliage and flowers
Asparagus fern is a must-have plant for any foliage fiends. Soft, graceful, feathery and surprisingly tough, it’s a time-served classic and perfect on its own or as an essential member of your plant family. And try and spot the tiny white flowers sometimes produced in late summer. But they are small – after all, it’s those beautiful leaves that this one is known for.

Pet friendly?
Nope. This plant is toxic to cats and dogs. 

Asparagus ferns should never be frozen nor should they suffer extremely high temperatures. Temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius are perfect.

It's best to water your asparagus fern when the top of the compost first dries out. Then give it a good old flooding! Let the water wash out of the drainage holes in the base of the plastic pot before putting it back in its decorative pot. As a treat place your plant in a steamy room for a few days or mist with plain water from a small sprayer. 

Did you know?
Asparagus fern is actually a member of the lily family, and not a fern at all! The name comes from how it looks – just like a fern. Look out for tiny white flowers in late summer.

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