How do I care for my Eucalyptus?

Almost all species of Eucalyptus are native to Australia and adjacent areas like Indonesia.

Light and position in the home

Remember your Eucalyptus is an Australian native and will do best when provided with full sun or bright indirect light. 

Flowers and foliage

The Eucalyptus does flower in the wild, however, as with most indoor plants, it is a rare occurrence. The blue-green leaves of your Eucalyptus are covered in oil glands, which give this plant its well-known aroma.

Temperature and humidity 

The Eucalyptus is happy in both warm and cooler temperatures. It does not have any specific humidity requirements just try to avoid radiators and cold drafts.


Used to the hot and dry Australian environment, your Eucalyptus is somewhat drought tolerant. Allow the soil to dry out a little before watering.

Did you know?

Eucalyptus forests make up roughly three quarters of Australian forests. The combination of Australian wildfires and volatile Eucalyptus compounds has meant they are particularly vulnerable. However, like a phoenix from the ashes, they have evolved a number of mechanisms, including hidden buds and flame resistant fruits to ensure their long term survival from fire! 

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