How to care for your hanging basket


Forget about all that fiddling and faffing with hanging basket plants – all the hard work has just been done for you at Lazy Flora. Take your pre-planted hanging basket insert out of the box and get growing.

Simply place your pre-planted insert into a lined hanging basket and fill around any gaps with compost. Gently firm the compost in around the edge of the insert, hang up your basket and water well. And that’s it. The plants will quickly root into the compost, will rapidly grow and in no time at all you’ll have a blooming marvellous display.

How to plant up:

1.Simply put a layer of compost into the base of your hanging basket so that when you place your pre-planted insert on the compost layer, the top of the insert is just below the top of your basket.

2.Then carefully firm compost around the edge of the insert (you may have to carefully lift the plants to prevent them from breaking) until the insert is covered on all sides.

3.Once everything is level hang it up, give it a good water and watch it grow. Roots develop out of the sides of the insert into the compost and plants will grow strongly.

4.You should have a handful of compost left and this can come in handy if the compost level in the basket sinks a little and needs topping up.


Leave a centimetre gap between the top of your basket and the top of your insert to make watering easy and effective. Water your basket every day, there are many roots crammed into a small space they can suck the compost dry especially on dry days.

Watch out for late frost

If there is a later than normal cold snap and there’s a chance that your basket could be frosted, take it down and keep inside overnight.

Foliage and flowers

As flowers fade simply nip them off. This encourages more buds and blooms to form. At the end of the growing season, probably October, remove any plants you fancy overwintering, put them into individual pots and grow them in a frost free, but cold area and you may get them to grow and flower again next year.

Did you know?

Use a fertiliser formulated for tomatoes to get even more blooms from your basket. The main nutrient in tomato food encourages flower production.


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