How to care for your Lithops

Lithops are mimicry plants that resemble small stones on the ground in their nature habitat of arid, rocky areas, and there is a reason they have evolved this way - to avoid being eaten by herbivores. Each Lithops plant camouflages with the rocky areas in which they grow, meaning hungry herbivores will likely bypass them without realising what they are. Cool huh?! Read on below to find out how to care for your Lithops plant. 

Native Habitat

Lithops grow in dry regions of South Africa and receive very little rainwater, hence each Lithops makes up two succulent leaves fused together which store water and allow the plants to survive months without rain.


Lithops go dormant in the summer, so from late spring into summer, stop watering. If you find they start to shrivel then water a small amount to restore their plumpness. In the early autumn they will resume growth and you can give it a full watering at the beginning of this season. During winter you should stop watering again, and you will notice older leaves drying and shrivelling away as new leaves emerge. Once spring returns, remove any dried up leaves and resume watering (very lightly) until they return to dormancy again in summer.

Light and position in the home

Lithops love sunlight. Place them somewhere with lots of direct sun, ideally by a south-facing window.

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