How to care for your Marble Queen


The amazing Marble Queen is our subscription plant of the month for April 2021, accompanied by an on-trend rustic diamond pattern planter!

This elegant lady is found in areas of Northern Australia through to Malaysia. We chose a natural coloured planter to allow the glossy marbled leaves to speak for themselves. The 'Marble Queen' is capable of growing over 3 metres, making it the perfect plant for climbing or trailing.

This plant prefers medium light levels sunlight, bathrooms are also an ideal candidate for placement.

Native habitat

This plant is found in areas of Northern Australia through to Malaysia, Southern China, Taiwan, Japan, and as far as Melanesia.

Light and position in the home

The Marble Queen should be placed in a room with medium light levels, bathrooms are also an ideal candidate for placement. Rotating the plant periodically will encourage even growth.

Foliage and flowers

The foliage of Pothos is heart-shaped, with glossy green and white marbled leaves. The long cascading vines elegantly hang over pots, or can be trained vertically.

Pet friendly?

This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.


This plant prefers warmer temperatures between 18-30 Celsius. Avoid colder rooms in your home.


The Marble Queen prefers to be a little on the dryer side. Check the top inches of the soil are dry between watering to ensure you aren't over doing it. Water moderately and infrequently.

Did you know?

The Latin genus name Epipremnum comes from the Greek word ἐπί (upon) and πρέμνον (stump), which refers to its habit of climbing from the forest floor up to the upper tree canopies of tropical forests.


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This month we are treating our subscription customers to a pair of gardening gloves. It’s a little present from us to you to say thank you to our valued subscribers.

It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when working with soils whether that be for indoor or outdoor plants. Compost, straight from the bag, can cause skin irritations with some gardeners. Open garden soil is packed with many types of organisms that are best left in the soil and not on your skin.

Next month there will be another little gift, a seedbox. The seedbox contains 6 Butterfly mix seed balls as well as instructions on how to plant, grow, and admire them all summer long.


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