How to care for your October Stonecrop


As flowering succulents go, you really can't do any better than October Stonecrop. It has a beautiful trailing habit and looks amazing in a pot or basket with its pink tipped and plump leaves spilling over the edges. It is also really easy to care for - only needing a sunny spot and sparse watering. It's up there as one of the most gorgeous 'set and forget' plants out there. October is a beautiful addition to any collection and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Native habitat

In the wild October Stonecrop can be found growing mostly in rock walls and is native to several regions of China and Japan.

Light and position in the home

October Stonecrop, like most succulents, likes bright sun but can tolerate a bit of shade. October likes to spill over the edges of its pot of basket so somewhere with a bit of space is ideal.

Foliage and flowers

October has light green leaves tipped with pink. It grows tall, then spills over the edges of of its pot. In summer it blooms star-shaped pink flowers.


Interestingly, despite being a succulent October doesn't mind it on the cooler side and is consider frost hardy when planted outside. Anything above 16C is fine.


As is the case for most succulents, October only needs a little water and prefers conditions on the drier side. Allow to full dry between waterings.

Did you know?

October Stonecrop is having a bit of an 'it' moment and has become a very popular succulent for collectors. It's pink tipped leaves and delicate blooms have made it a very attractive plant for any collection.

This plant is safe for pets.


We are a 'succa' for our subscribers...

If you're not familiar with the wonderful world of succulent plants, the headline is they are super easy to love. Their easy care, sunny dispositions, and moderate growth habits make them perfect indoor plants and are ideal for beginners and less experienced plant owners.

This month we're gifting you your very own Echeveria Elegans, a gorgeous little succulent that'll withstand periods of neglect, low water and nutrients. Echeveria care is practically foolproof and is our September gift to our fantastic Lazy Flora subscribers.

We've included a care guide with everything you need to know about taking care of your new succulent.

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