How to care for your Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is one of the toughest pet-friendly plants around. Some people say it's almost like having a fake plant, it's so easy to care for.In some tropical places, these beauties can grow up to 3 metres tall. It takes about 10 years for them to reach this height (often longer). When kept as a houseplant, they fare best if you allow them to become 'pot bound'. You should allow the roots to outgrow the pot before repotting to a larger pot, and when you do that, you should try and select a pot that is only one or two sizes larger than the original pot. Any bigger, and you run the risk of allowing the roots access to too much moisture. We have a feeling you're going to love this one!

Native habitat

The ponytail palm originates from semi-desert areas of Southern Mexico.

Light and position in the home

Needs bright, indirect light. If it is in shade half the time, it will probably manage just about OK but the more natural light you can give it, the better it will fare.

Flowers and foliage

You'll be waiting a long time for this plant to flower - up to 30 years! Flowers are feathery and white and protrude from the top of the plant.But we aren't here for the flowers. The main attractions of this plant are the trailing, tangling, ponytail-like leaves that protrude from the top and cascade down the trunk.

Watering and humidity

This is practically a desert plant. Allow the soil to dry out significantly between watering. The globose caudex (bulbous trunk) is used to store water in prolonged periods of drought.


This one likes it hot! Ideally 20-30 degrees Celcius during the day.

Did you know?

Despite its name, the Ponytail palm is not a palm tree - or in fact a tree. It's a succulent and actually a member of the Agave family. Other common names are the Bottle Palm tree or Elephant's Foot tree (easy to see why, right?).

This plant is non-toxic to pets.

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