How to care for your Silver Lace Fern


The Silver Lace Fern is our pet-friendly option for April, and it is incredibly striking. This elegant fern makes a statement in your home, with delicate feather-like fronds that can grow up to 40cm long, it is sure to catch your eye. The leaf variegation and silver details are accentuated in indirect light.

This shade loving plant is ideal for the darker corners of your home that you haven't been able to fill yet. One of the best things about ferns is watching the leaf fronds emerge and unwind, get ready for an abundance of new leaves and enjoy the show.

Native habitat

The Silver Lace Fern is commonly found around Asia and the pacific, scattered through the tropical and subtropical regions.

Light and position in the home

As with most ferns, a shady spot in your home works best. Indirect sunlight in a North or West facing window is ideal, the bathroom also makes for a good spot due to the higher humidity.

Foliage and flowers

The foliage of Pteris wows with an eye catching variegation and feather shaped leaves. Various shades of green and silver details glisten in the light, making for a perfect statement plant.

Pet friendly?

This plant is not toxic to cats and dogs.


This plant will thrive in a warm, ideally humid room. Avoid placing Pteris in rooms that go below 13 Celcius, this may cause wilting and drooping.


Misting ferns on a regular basis or placing them in humid rooms is important to keeping your plant happy. Keep the soil consistently moist, emulating the tropical environment they are native to.

Did you know?

The Latin genus name Pteris refers to the Greek name for fern, which also means feathery, referring to its feather-like leaves.



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