How to grow basil from seed
We’ve included everything you need to grow your basil on your very own windowsill. Seeds, peat-free compost and cardboard planter.

This versatile herb can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is often paired with Italian dishes such as pizza or tricolour salad and you can even make your own pesto with it! Are your tastebuds tingling yet? Well, if planted in June your basil should be ready to harvest and enjoy in 3-4 weeks, just in time for BBQ season!

How to grow basil from seed:

1.First you need to plant your seeds, push the seeds a centimetre or so down into the compost in your planter and then push compost back to cover the holes.

2.Keep the planter in a warm windowsill where it gets lots of indirect sunlight.

3.Make sure the compost stays moist - that lovely balance of damp but not wet. Water gently so as not to displace the soil or seeds.

4.In around 7-10 days you’ll spot the little shoots popping through. Once the basil seedlings have about 3 pairs of leaves they are ready to go outside.

5.To harvest, snip the stem where two large leaves meet. Once the basil is established you can pinch a couple of leaves here and there for mealtime. However, we would advise harvesting basil regularly throughout the growing season as this encourages new growth.

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