How to grow your seedball


This month we are sending another little gift to all our subscribers, a seedbox! Yes- we know we have spoilt the surprise element by treating you every month but we can’t help it- our subscribers are just our favourite people! The seedbox contains 6 Butterfly mix seed balls that will grow for you to enjoy all summer long whilst attracting butterflies to your doorstep!

In true Lazy Flora fashion, the seed box could not be simpler. All you have to do is scatter on the soil and nature will do the rest of the work.

Why we chose this product:

This product is simple to use and requires little maintenance to achieve beautiful blooms. We love nature and always try to find ways to help our environment. Once flowering     , these seeds will create an important habitat for bees and butterflies on your doorstep. This is achieved in four simple steps:

Scatter seedballs onto bare soil or compost

The seedballs are encased in clay and peat-free compost, so they are ready to be “planted”. Simply scatter onto bare soil or compost on a garden bed or in a pot. We advise leaving 10cm between each ball.

The clay prevents birds and insects from eating the seeds and increases the chance of growing success!

Seeds sprout inside the ball

With enough rain, sun and warmth, the wildflower seeds will start to germinate. Expect little shoots to appear around 4-6 weeks after scattering.

Increasing the chance of growing success again, chilli powder has been added to the seedball’s to deter slugs and snails from munching on young shoots.

Say bye bye to the ball as the wildflowers establish

Slowly the ball will become less visible, leaving a patch of young plants which will grow into a stunning wildflower area.

Watch the flowers become a hub of wildlife activity!

There is a section of wildflowers in your seedballs and they vary in flowering time– some will flower in the first year and others will flower in the next year. Once in flower they will provide important habitat and food for butterflies.

We hope you enjoy your seedballs, please remember to tag us on social media so we can see how your habitats flourish!



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