How to prepare your garden for Autumn

September is here which means Autumn is on its way so now is the time to get organised for Winter and save time next Spring. There are plants to prune, bulbs to plant and areas to tidy!

Follow our guide to jobs to complete from September onwards:

Pruning and tidying 

  • Scan your borders and planters for deadheading and weeds. By deadheading spent flower heads you prolong their flowering time.
  • Collect seeds from perennials and annuals, these can be stored in a cool, dry place.


  • Got any new perennials to add to your space? Now is a good time to consider Winter interest, perennials, shrubs, trees and climbers can all be planted now that temperatures start to drop.
  • Spring bedding plants such as violas, primulas and wallflowers can bring some extra colour back into your garden, or fill any gaps.


  • Look for any annuals that have gone over and add them to a compost heap or dispose of them.
  • Are there any tender perennials that need bringing in or sheltering? Think pelargoniums, cannas and coleus.
  • Divide and replant perennials in compact areas.

Bulbs and tubers

  • We can now begin to plant Spring bulb displays, giving our plants time to take root and settle, now that the soil's been warmed by the Summer sun.
  • Try your hand at forcing an Amaryllis or Hyacinth to flower indoors, for some festive colour later in the year.
  • Small bulbs such as crocus, iris and muscari look great in pots or scattered through borders, keep them well watered in the event of a winter dry spell.  


  • Last but not least, our beloved birds will soon begin to return in numbers to feeders and bird tables. Keep them topped up and make sure your feeders are clean to prevent harmful parasites and bacteria.
  • Leave fallen fruit for birds and insects such as butterflies.
  • Include plants in your garden that are good for attracting insects.

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