Introducing our 2018 Winter Holiday plant collection

We've come around to that time of year again when all plans lead to the Christmas holidays and home and garden decor leads the way. The plants in this collection are the toughest we can find at this time of year, and will ensure you have beautiful colour and life in your outdoor space, when seemingly everything else is dying back or dormant. 

Here are the plants that make up our 2018 Winter Holiday outdoor plant collection. Use this guide to identify your plants. This is a full list of the plants that are included in the collection. The plants in your box will always be a variety of the plants we feature here. We choose the best available plants at all times, so we always choose the best sub-selection for you. And of course, here's what they look like all together. :-)

Lazy Flora Winter Holiday plant collection


Lawson's Cypress

Lawson's Cypress from Lazy Flora

An evergreen pine, native to North America. This plant can withstand the coldest temperatures the UK can throw at it! It is an upright, slow-growing conifer, which is very easy to care for and also looks a bit like a Christmas tree. :-)


Hellebore from Lazy Flora

Hellebore is otherwise known as the Christmas Rose. It comes in white and pink shades. Beware that this plant has roots that are irritants to your skin and toxins in the leaves and flowers, so you should keep this plant away from curious children and animals, and use the gloves provided when planting up.


 Cyclamen from Lazy Flora

Cyclamen give wonderful colour when there is not much colour to be seen, however the flowers will be killed off by frost. Deadheading will help to ensure that they return with milder weather. Do not overwater, as this can cause rotting.


Gaultheria from Lazy Flora

Gaultheria, or Wintergreen, is a sweet little evergreen plant with beautiful red berries. This plant grows well in shady conditions that are relatively moist. It is easy to care for: just remove the leaves as they fade. Do not eat the berries, they aren't good for humans or pets.


Calluna Nova or Heather from Lazy Flora

In times gone by, heather was considered lucky and was worked into bridal bouquets. It is very easy to care for, as it requires comparatively little water to keep it alive. It thrives on extremely well-drained soil, which is why you often see it on moorsides and rocky hills. You may find you don't need to water it much at this time of year.


Violas from Lazy Flora

These miniature violas are a wonderful splash of colour. They will stop flowering when there is a frost, but resume flowering as soon as there's a warmer spell, and will flower prolifically in spring! In Victorian England, they were a symbol of love.

Primula Aucalis

Primula Aucalis from Lazy Flora

Primulas are a hybrid relative of primroses, developed to produce bigger and better flowers. Primrose means 'first flower' as it is one of the first plants to flower in the spring. The flowers will die down in freezing weather, but will return with warmer temperatures.



a.k.a Cushion Bush, or Silver Bush. This pretty little bush does not like to be overwatered and appreciates some direct sun! It is a native of Australia and has a soft, tangled look. In spring, it produces tiny flowers.


Euonymus from Lazy Flora

This tiny, tough evergreen shrub is native to Japan, Korea and China. There are 175 varieties of Euonymus, both evergreen and deciduous. It provides beautiful green shades all year round.


Hedera Helix or Ivy from Lazy Flora

Ivy is exceptionally undemanding, and will survive the harshest of winters in the UK. The use of ivy at Christmas goes back thousands of years. Some believed it had magical properties because of its ability to stay green all year round.


If all of these plants have gotten you excited to have your own Winter Holiday garden, make sure you grab yourself an outdoor plant subscription here!


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