Is Lazy Flora cheaper than Amazon and Crocus?

As a business owner, I always want to be bringing amazing value to Lazy Flora customers. For me, it isn't enough to sell brilliant product at an inflated price; I always like to know how our plant offerings compare with others.

Every month, I carefully go through the details of every single plant and plant collection we compile, and compare it to some of the biggest competitors around. And I'm proud to say that the headlines are always as follows: If you were to buy the same plant collection from Crocus or Amazon, you would pay considerably more. In the table below, the price in brackets is how much more you would have to pay Crocus or Amazon than Lazy Flora.

  Lazy Flora


Amazon (various sellers)
Babylon (8 plants) £36 £56 (+£20.92) £41.35 (+£5.35)
Eden (16 plants) £66 £142 (+£76.84) £112.60 (+£46.60)

*excludes delivery

And here's how I worked this out. This is a link to a spreadsheet saved in Google Drive. It includes links to the prices I found on Amazon and Crocus for each plant, which were available at the time of compilation, correct at 2 August 2018.

Now there are a whole bunch of caveats that come with this comparison study, which are a bit dull for a blog post, but important to recognize. (You can skip this bit if you want and go to the pretty picture below.)

  • In some cases, no direct comparison plant was available. In these instances, the lowest priced plant in the collection from that retailer has been used as a placeholder and highlighted blue.
  • In many cases, the same pot size was not available so the closest possible match was selected. This naturally leads to variations in price (sometimes higher, sometimes lower), please also take this into account.
  • In some cases, it is possible to bulk-buy (e.g. I found 6 dianthus for £12.99 on Amazon), which brings the cost per plant down but increases the overall spend and therefore does not provide a fair comparison, so I've excluded bulk buy deals for the purposes of this exercise.
  • Crocus is a highly reputable plant retailer of high quality plants. Plants bought through Amazon are from a multitude of different sellers, quality of which is unknown (and may be excellent).
  • Links to external sites are all current and accurate as of 2 August 2018 but may go out of date as the retailers change over their stock.

A Lazy Flora Eden plant collection

What I want you to take away from this

The purpose of this article is not to bash other retailers for being expensive, it's just to illustrate the amazing value that Lazy Flora provides. Without Crocus and Amazon, we wouldn't be here. They're both a really important part of the ecosystem that Lazy Flora also occupies.

Lazy Flora plants are every bit as good as the top garden centres out there, yet we can still beat Amazon on price, and we're a startup that is a fraction of the size. I don't know about you, but I think that's something to be extremely proud of, and I think it's a good way for you to feel confident that you're getting something really awesome from this small and mighty business.

Some notes to read if you want more depth on this comparison

How Lazy Flora works

We bring you plants of the highest quality available. Our plants are grown in laboratory-like conditions in the Netherlands and the UK. I am confident that you won't find consistently better plants anywhere in the UK, whether online or in shops. 

Lazy Flora purchases these plants at wholesale prices, parcels them up in top quality packaging, and ships them to you with the best parcel delivery services available (not the cheapest).

Quality product and quality service is what we do. 

However, this means that we aren't trying to be a budget service. We aren't aiming to be the lowest priced plant subscription company out there. But somehow, we've managed that too.

Why Crocus and Amazon?

I chose to compare Lazy Flora to Crocus and Amazon because they come from two opposite ends of the online gardening spectrum. Crocus is known for the quality and variety of its plants, and Amazon is very often the cheapest place to find anything online, often including plants. is one of the top online garden centres in the UK. They have built an amazing ecommerce empire, and are miles ahead of most of their competition. The plants and products they sell are generally excellent quality, and whenever I've had a problem with an order from them in the past, their customer service is personable and reliable.

Amazon only started listing plants for sale about a year ago. For a long time, plants were banned from the site, along with most food items, because they are perishables they were considered too difficult to reliably ship (they had a point).

All the plants on their marketplace are from independent retailers, so you have to be very careful when selecting a seller to be sure that you are confident that you will receive a high quality product.

A note on brick-and-mortar garden centres

Lazy Flora isn't trying to compete with garden centres. The chances are, if you can get to a garden centre, and choose to spend your time doing that, you probably won't be a Lazy Flora customer. I for one, can't regularly get to garden centres, and when I do, I find it very easy to get overwhelmed by the choice (I have that problem in a lot of shops). 

However, if and when you can get to a garden centre, you'll find a huge variety of plants, at often very reasonable prices. You don't have to pay for delivery, which removes a huge chunk of the cost, so you will probably find the same plants in Lazy Flora collections for a little bit cheaper. But the plants won't be hand picked for you, or delivered to your door, and nobody will pay for your time whilst you're at the garden centre (unless you're a gardener). Get where I'm coming from? Your parents probably won't. ;-)