Lazy Flora and COVID-19


Dear friends,

The government announced further lockdown measures yesterday to keep as many of us possible safe from the threat of COVID-19. If you are a Lazy Flora subscriber, you probably have some questions about how things are going behind the scenes at Lazy Flora and whether we're able to deliver your orders.

Lazy Flora is OPEN for business and we are continuing to deliver orders. We're doing this safely and responsibly (not like some of the big brands we've all heard about in the news today). We'll share more about how we're doing this in future posts.

We've seen an absolutely enormous increase in demand for our products over the past week, so we're working very hard to get your deliveries out the door.

We've had to make big changes to our shipping process to ensure the safety and isolation of the team, and some of our suppliers have had to close their doors for the foreseeable future. We are inevitably bumping into supply challenges, but we're resolving them one by one.

Over the coming weeks, there will be some changes to our planned schedule, especially for subscription renewals. As a result, some people will receive their orders earlier than planned this month; others may be a little later. We'll update you again tomorrow with planned changes once we know ourselves what the situation will be.

There is a hell of a lot going on behind the scenes and of course we want to keep you updated on everything - please bear with us for now. The team is working so, so hard to bring you beautiful products that we know are very important to you right now.

Thank you so much for your trust, and your patience right now.

At your service,
Lazy Flora Founder.

24 March 2020.

***The following is an UPDATE, dated Sunday 29 March 2020*** 

Earlier this week, I promised to share more information about how we're taking care of our team in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're really lucky that necessity has meant that most of the Lazy Flora team was set up to run remotely, and that's how we operate our business normally. So most of the team is already tucked up safe at home and can continue to work just as they normally would.

The biggest difference is of course for our warehouse team, who we now must protect fiercely, and I know some of you are wondering about how we can continue to do that responsibly. Here's what we've done to ensure the safety of our team:

- We now have core teams working in shifts, so that there are only ever 2 people in the Lazy Flora building at any one time.
- We are extremely fortunate that the teams we have working are all 2-man teams, and each different team is from the same household. This is partly by design and partly luck.
- The teams never, ever overlap in person. But there is a lot of What'sApp banter and FaceTime going on to ensure we're all communicating and supporting one another at this time.
- For all teams, we've introduced additional health and safety protocols for surface and door handle cleaning. We've got plenty of hand sanitiser and rubber gloves, and they are using them.
- We have set up contactless delivery and collection with all our suppliers at our warehouse.
- These changes have meant a huge upheaval for us behind the scenes, but we're satisfied that each member of the team is as isolated and safe from COVID-19 as they would be in their own home.

So we are open for business, and delighted that we can help so many people at this time.

However, we do ask that you are patient with us while we navigate this new landscape. I can't promise that there won't be further disruption, or changes to our schedules, but we'll do our best to protect our customers from these when we can.

Stay safe,

Lazy Flora Founder.

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