Lazy Flora featured by Jade Vanriel on YouTube!

I am so excited to share that Lazy Flora has been featured by YouTube lifestyle vlogger extraordinaire Jade Vanriel as part of her recent balcony transformation.

Jade has been busy vlogging about transforming her flat over the past year from an average 2-bedroom flat into a luxury apartment that is a veritable interior design dream. She's done all the work herself, and has a real eye for simple and clean design. Her balcony is one of the final areas of the flat to be overhauled, and I'm sure you'll agree it is some transformation!

This is what Jade had to say about Lazy Flora:

β€˜My lovely plants are from Lazy Flora […]. Essentially, they are like Hello Fresh for plants, and they are particularly for lazy people like me, or people who don’t know how to deal with plants. I followed my step-by-step guide from Claire, which told me how much to water the plants, and how often. So, I tried my luck. I did get a bit messy, as you can see, but overall it was a great experience, and very therapeutic, honestly. And look how stunning they look. You guys should definitely check out Lazy Flora if you have a garden or outdoor space that needs a bit of colour.’

Here's the video of Jade's balcony transformation, including her experience of assembling her Lazy Flora plant collection.Β 

Jade has over 18k subscribers on YouTube so it is a real honour for a fledgeling company like Lazy Flora to be featured by her. And she was such a pleasure to work with, every bit the courteous and kind professional that comes across in her videos.

Everyone at Lazy Flora is a big fan of Jade's videos, so make sure you subscribe to her channel!


I'm delighted that Jade has again featured Lazy Flora on her YouTube channel. Here's what she had to say about some beautiful Echeveria plants that she received from us. Hear what Jade has to say about her plants at 13:50, but be sure to watch the whole video to see her complete kitchen transformation! #interiordesigngoals #girlcrush

If you haven't already, do subscribe to Jade's channel for regular design inspiration.

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