Lazy Flora partners with The Coffee Traveller

Lazy Flora Echeveria at The Coffee Traveller, Chiswick

I am very excited to share more information about a collaboration that Lazy Flora is so very proud to be part of.

You may have seen from our social media accounts that we have recently teamed up with the Time-Out award-winning cafe The Coffee Traveller at Chiswick Riverside in London. Yes, as if the best coffee in London wasn't enough incentive to get you there in the first place, you now have the added benefit of being able to enjoy a range of Lazy Flora plants while in the cosy and informal surroundings of a fabulous local business.

And whilst you're there, you can even take part in an exclusive competition to win a gorgeous, top-quality succulent plant. For details on how to enter, you'll have to pop down to The Coffee Traveller and take a look at one of the Lazy Flora stickers on our beautiful succulent plants there.

Echeveria Pearle von Neurenburg at The Coffee Traveller in Chiswick

You could win a plant like this Echeveria Pearle von Neurenburg if you enter the competition inside The Coffee Traveller.

Lazy Flora Capsicum in The Coffee Traveller

Some more shots of our lovely Lazy Flora plants inside The Coffee Traveller.

Lazy Flora coleus in The Coffee Traveller, Chiswick Riverside

The Coffee Traveller also has a most excellent coffee van, which you might have seen out and about in London and the surrounding area.

The Coffee Traveller van

The Coffee Traveller van.

If you haven't yet been to The Coffee Traveller, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's one of my favourite cafes in London and when I'm in the neighbourhood, I always go out of my way to visit, not just for the amazing coffee (and trust me, it is truly excellent), but for the polite, friendly and relaxed interactions with the staff, and the lovely cosy and rustic settings. I am so proud to be able to form a partnership with this lovely local business. 

Huge thanks to the owners of The Coffee Traveller Neil and Becks for agreeing to host some Lazy Flora plants, and for supporting Lazy Flora in this way.

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