Nervous to grow vegetables? Five reasons why potatoes should be your first

Last year we saw a huge rise in individuals growing their own vegetables. Was this because of the lockdown panic? Or was it actually because everyone had more time stuck at home and fancied something productive, fulfilling and relaxing to do?

However, not everyone grew their own vegetables. Many gardeners looked on with green envy as first time veg growers hauled out potatoes, pulled up carrots and snapped off beans. But here at Lazy Flora we believe that everyone, with a little help, can grow their own produce.

Growing vegetables does not have to be daunting and here are five reasons why you should build your confidence with potatoes.

1. Potatoes are not divas 

Potatoes can grow in less desirable conditions. They are adaptable to soil conditions and seasons which makes it difficult not to produce a healthy yield. All they really require is a lot of water!

2. It is hard to overwater potatoes

Watering is vital to producing a fantastic crop as the lush canopy of leaves that form in early summer will stop rain from reaching the compost. The last thing you want is your roots to get dry as the potatoes will not form properly.

3. You don’t need a huge space

You don’t need an allotment or a garden the size of a small county to grow vegetables. Potatoes can grow happily in our 40L felt-like porous potato sack, on a balcony or small patio. The potato sack and full instructions is included in our complete potato growing kit. 

4. There are endless opportunities to enjoy your potatoes

Jacket, roasted, mashed, boiled, chips or in a salad. The ways to enjoy your harvest are countless. If you are feeling particularly inspired, influencer Poppycooks created a series of recipes ‘Around the world in 80 potatoes!’.

5. Everything you need to grow a perfect yield is available in one purchase

We aim to make gardening accessible to all and have included everything you need to grow a superb crop from seed in our potato growing kit. The kit means you don’t need to do your research as everything is included, the potato sack, compost, seed and even instructions!

Planting potatoes is the perfect early Spring project and we can’t wait to see the fruits of your labour of love.

Don’t forget to share your Lazy Flora photos with us on social media. We all love seeing and sharing your gardening successes (as well as giving advice if you need a helping hand!). Drop us a line on if you have any questions at all - we're always here for you!

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Claire and the Lazy Flora Team xx

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